Welcome to our website. We hope it gives you an insight to the great things that are happening at South Yarra Primary School and provides you with lots of useful and interesting information.

As our vision states, South Yarra Primary School is striving to develop a connected community of learners that embraces opportunities to maximise the potential of all students and encourages lifelong learning.

Look beyond the beautiful park, modern facilities and stimulating environment and you will see students who are serious about their learning and engaged in meaningful and innovative learning experiences. They have a strong sense of belonging and work within a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Together, parents and staff are providing all of our students with strategies to take responsibility for their own learning, personal development and care for the environment.

Spending time getting to know each student and their individual needs and learning styles has enabled us to provide effective programs in Literacy and Numeracy. These are complimented by exciting specialist programs in Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Physical Education and French language.

The school has received wonderful feedback from its own community members, about our family feel as well as many, many visitors.

When you finish your journey of our website please take the time to provide us with your feedback. We are always keen to improve! 

Kind regards,

Neven Paleka