Our School - Advertising Policy

South Yarra Primary School

Advertising Policy



  • Our school seeks to attract advertising and sponsorships for our key events and publications in order to supplement school funds and to allow events or publications to be better, more prestigious or accessible to more people than they may otherwise have been.




  • To maximise resources in order to provide better services to our community, whilst at the same time, providing opportunities for community businesses to promote their goods and services.




  • Advertising and sponsorships are actively encouraged by our school council.

  • Our school has strong partnerships with numerous donors, sponsors and local businesses which we seek to strengthen and grow.

  • Advertising and sponsorships will only be accepted from individuals, business or organisations etc that are consistent with Education Department guidelines, and our own high standards.

  • Advertising and sponsorships will generally not be accepted from an individual, business or organisation that is a direct or indirect competitor of an existing school sponsor etc.

  • The principal is initially responsible for accepting or declining advertising or sponsorship opportunities.

  • The principal must refer any large (over $1000) advertising or sponsorship opportunities to school council for endorsement.

  • Similarly, the principal must seek endorsement from school council with regards to advertising or sponsorship opportunities that may have the potential to be perceived as controversial.

  • School council expects all donors, advertisers and sponsors to be properly and publicly recognised.  The principal will be responsible for approving the location and wording of any signs, messages or other recognitions for donors, sponsors and advertisers.

  • Neither the school principal nor the school council endorse or promote any product or service associated with a donation, sponsorship or advertising.

  • Individuals associated with the school are not to solicit for donations or sponsorships etc without the prior approval of the principal.



    This policy will be reviewed as part of the school's three-year review cycle.