Our School - Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy

South Yarra Primary School 

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy


  • The giving and receiving of gifts are common place in schools, however, both need to be managed sensitively, both need to comply with Australian taxation laws, and neither must compromise the good name of the school.



  • To ensure that the giving and receiving of gifts result in positive experiences that enhances the school and its relationships with others.



  • Our school often gives gifts to recognise the contributions of volunteers, to staff members who are unwell, to celebrate the birth of babies, to retiring staff members etc.

  • Gifts given by the school are generally of little or nominal monetary value and usually consist of bouquets of flowers, small school mementoes, or other inexpensive items of sentimental value.  The principal will establish a gift register for all gifts greater than nominal value and report accordingly to the School Council and Department of Education.

  • The school may collect donations from the community to purchase a gift for a retiring staff member of considerable service.

  • In order to provide some consistency and clarity in the giving of gifts, School Council will develop a guide that describes the type of gift that will be given at any particular occasion, as well as a monetary value.  For example, the value of gifts for staff members leaving the school will roughly correlate to the period of service the staff members have dedicated to our school.

  • School Council will provide some funds for the purchasing of gifts, but for the purpose of 'ownership' of the gift, staff and/or students and/or the school community may be invited to contribute on certain occasions. 

  • The school may also accept gifts or donations.  It is common place for these donations (eg: art room supplies) to be of little or nominal monetary value.

  • The acceptance of gifts or donations by the school will be considered on a case-by-case basis as to the appropriateness of each offer.

  • Gifts or donations are not to be linked to expectations of favourable service by the school or its employees or school councillors, are not to be gratuitous in nature, and are not to be linked to products, services or associations that would bring the school's good name into disrepute.

  • All gifts and offers of gifts must be accepted or rejected consistent with the Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy and Guidelines.

  • Any Fringe Benefits Tax implications of any gift or donation must be fully explored and reported to the Australian Taxation Office.

  • All gifts and all offers of gifts, benefits or hospitality and donations to the school of greater than nominal value will be reported to school council to be recorded on our Gifts Register.

  • This policy is to be read in conjunctions with the school's Sponsorship policy.



    This policy will be reviewed as part of the school's three-year review cycle.