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South Yarra Primary School Food Policy




  • South Yarra Primary School recognises that healthy nutritional habits are essential to the wellbeing, growth, development and learning of children and therefore promotes healthy eating practices.
  • These practices also ensure the safety of students and the cleanliness of the school grounds by providing guidelines to appropriately manage the consumption of food and drink, as well as ensuring students eat regularly throughout the school day.



  • To ensure that eating food at our school is safe, and that the school?s grounds and play areas are not littered.
  • To develop an informed appreciation of healthy eating habits within the student and wider school community.



  • Due to issues relating to anaphylaxis, allergies, diabetes etc, students are not to swap food with others, and will not be provided with food from the school that parents have not supplied or approved. Parents of students who arrive at school without lunch or snacks will be contacted and approved arrangements made for the provision of lunch.


  • The drinking of water is encouraged throughout the day. Students will have access to their own bottles of water during lessons and will be aware of places to refill their bottles and access water bubblers.


  • To support the development of healthy nutritional habits, consumption of confectionary and soft drinks (including lemonades, flavoured mineral waters and milks, and cordial) during school times is discouraged.


  • Students will be encouraged to include at least two pieces of fruit and two vegetable choices in their school food each day.


  • Students eat morning tea in the quadrangle and inside during designated eating times and are discouraged from wandering around the school eating food at recess or lunch times.


  • If for any reason, students do not finish eating their food in the classroom, they can finish eating in a designated outside quiet area, supervised by the Yard Duty Teacher, or take the food home. Students are not permitted to take food into the park.


  • Students will be made aware of the location of rubbish bins in each classroom and in the designated outside quiet areas.


  • ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­South Yarra Primary School uses Renata Catering (online sales through Flexi-
    Schools) as our lunch order providers. Orders must be placed online by
    10.30 am on the day lunch is required.


  • The school online lunch service will only sell foods consistent with this Food Policy.


  • Sessions relating to healthy foods and healthy eating will form part of each child?s annual health and physical education curriculum studies.


  • All school activities, excursions and camps will involve detailed information to parents regarding the food menu, and will require parent approval.


  • Student birthdays can be celebrated in the classroom. Parents who wish to provide birthday cake for their child are requested to provide individual small cakes for each student rather than one large birthday cake. The celebration of birthdays should coincide with either recess or lunchtime and not cause disruption to teaching sessions.




This policy will be reviewed as part of the school's three-year review cycle.







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