Our School - Enrolment Policy

South Yarra Primary School    

Enrolment Procedure



South Yarra Primary School (“SYPS”) is a zoned primary school. This means that only students who permanently reside in the SYPS designated school zone (Zone”) can be enrolled at SYPS.  

The Department of Education and Training has reduced the boundary of the designated school zone in recent years in response to the unprecedented numbers of families wishing to enrol their children at SYPS putting undue strain on SYPS’s limited facilities. Other state primary schools in the area are currently not zoned because they have larger grounds and can physically accept higher numbers of students without negatively impacting on the learning environment.

This Procedure outlines the steps that families seeking to enrol children at SYPS from 2017 onwards will need to follow during the application process, as well as the ongoing requirements that these families will need to meet each year to prove that they continue to permanently reside in the designated Zone.


Enrolment Applications

From 2017 onwards, all enrolment applications must include proof that the child seeking enrolment permanently resides in the Zone. The required documents include:

·                     A rates notice (confirming ownership of a residence in the Zone) or a long term lease of 12 months or more (concurrent with the school year) that has been prepared by a registered real estate agent and is held in a parent/guardian’s name covering the period that the child will be at SYPS; and 

·                     A Statutory Declaration of Residence from both parents/guardians in the prescribed form.

A full list of the required supporting documents is set out in Attachment A. 

SYPS has the right to conduct searches at the Land Titles Office and other government departments, or through any other means available (including door knocking), to confirm the accuracy of information provided in any enrolment application.


Ongoing Enrolment

It is expected that families enrolling their children at SYPS will remain permanent residents within the Zone. The permanent resident status of each student at SYPS will therefore be actively monitored each year, and from 2017 onwards, families who enrol a child at SYPS will be required to provide evidence on an annual basis that they remain permanent residents within the Zone by providing updated copies of the documents provided in the initial enrolment application, as well as any other documents reasonably required by SYPS.

If a family chooses to moves out of the Zone after an enrolment application has been accepted, the parents or legal guardians of the affected student/s must immediately notify SYPS in writing. It is expected that families who cease to live in the Zone will move their child/children to a school in their new local area. The requirement of permanent residency within the Zone will be actively monitored and enforced.