Parents - PFA

South Yarra Primary School Parents and Friends Association

The Parents and Friends Association provides an opportunity to be actively involved in our school community.  PFA activities focus on events that directly involve the children, and that enable social connections for the parent community.

PFA activities rely on volunteers, and there are many ways for you to get involved - donate a cake for the weekly cake raffle; library book covering; volunteer at Mother's Day and Father's Day stalls; help at Gala days...and much more.  If you have younger children not yet at school they are always welcome at PFA activities.  Meeting new parents is a great way to start building social relationships that will last through your time at South Yarra Primary.

The SYPS PFA welcomes suggestions and feedback.  An easy way to keep up to date with PFA activities is to register your interest on our PFA email list:

All of our PFA events take place through the support of our parent community.  Whether it's at a meeting, or at a social function, we'd love to see you!

2017 PFA Office Bearers:
Sally Rogers & Barbara Chia (Co Presidents) 
George & Claire Panas (Co Treasurers)
Polly Farmer (Secretary & Co Events Coordinator)
Katherine Clarke (Class Representative Coordinator & Co Events Coordinator)
Jason Le Busque (School Council President & PFA General Member)
Emily Keon-Cohen (PFA General Member & Safe School Crossing Task Force Leader)
Aimee Lipscombe & Sarah Watt (Communications)
Steve Harnwell Jones, Sanh Duong, Mercedes Garay, Jo Higginson and Stacey McMahon (PFA General Members)