Teaching & Learning - Prep


Prep, 2018

In line with the school’s strategic plan, at South Yarra Primary School, we aim to provide a

challenging, supportive, secure and positive learning environment. Students are continually

assessed and achievable goals are set. The program is planned to cater for individual

differences and learning styles, enabling all students to achieve success. Work is built on

current student knowledge and student strengths. The children are encouraged to be

responsible, to take risks in their learning and to treat mistakes as part of the learning



Children learn best in positive, stimulating and rewarding environments. All children need

lots of positive encouragement in order to achieve. We use various means of rewarding

effort and success. These include house points, positive acknowledgements, stickers, and

class celebrations. We develop excellent work ethics and enjoyment of school. We provide

a calm, positive and caring approach to teaching and this creates a harmonious learning




The curriculum is based on the Victorian Curriculum as set out by the Department of

Education and Training.

• The Arts

• English

• Health and Physical Education

• The Humanities

• Languages (French)

• Mathematics

• Science

• Technologies



Term 1: Getting to know you, me and feelings

Term 2: My community; people who help us and Weather

Term 3: School Production and Toys and how they move

Term 4: Animal habitats and lifecycles