South Yarra Primary School is a high performing school which supports and nurtures its students in becoming lifelong learners. We are committed to excellence across the whole curriculum with our entire leadership and teaching team committed to high quality outcomes. Our teaching and learning pedagogy is to provide students with both challenging and achievable learning outcomes. Our explicit teaching and learning program has a focus on individual students, with the school structured intentionally to maximise learning opportunities for our population of children from a wide variety of backgrounds. Students are continually assessed and programs are planned to cater for individual differences and learning needs. Students are encouraged to be independent and take responsibility for their learning, with a school-wide understanding and integration of student agency in the learning process.

The school has a highly professional and committed group of teachers and Education Support personnel whose many skills, attributes and experience provide an innovative, challenging and supportive learning environment for students.  The model of collaborative decision-making and distributed leadership underpins and enriches the collective responsibility staff have for the effective operation of this school.

The school is strengthened by the value placed on community by students, families, staff, local residents and businesses.  It enjoys a high level of involvement and support from parents and the home-school partnership is highly valued.